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Coastal Dermatology-Dr Duke-Stonington, CT: Reviews

  1. "I love Dr Duke!!...tremendous surgeon, nice person, and she's good!" -- AP, 2015
  2. "I have been a patient of Dr. Duke's for well over 10 years. She and her office staff are professional and are always helpful and informative. They work synergistically to to develop a comprehensive and realistic plan of treatment for each individual patient. I have always felt that I am important and that my concerns are always met with care and understanding. I have suffered from cystic acne and scarring all of my life and no one has ever been as attentive or given me the hope and confidence that Dr. Duke and her staff have. " - SB- 2014"
  3. "Dr. Duke is a tremendous dermatologist. It is not always easy to find a doctor who possesses both technical brilliance and a great bedside manner, but she does and I feel lucky to be in her care." (posted on FaceBook) -NB- October 16, 2013
  4. " I have been a patient of Dr. Duke's for many years and wanted to share my experience. Dr. Duke is a caring provider reviews dr duke imagewho listens to her patients. Thanks to her treatment recommendations, I feel that I do NOT look 52 years of age! The non-surgical procedures and fillers have softened my face so that I look well rested and healthy! Thank you, Dr. Duke for your time and caring attention." - DH - 2014
  5. "Dr. Duke has been my dermatologist for over 10 years. A great doctor. A great staff." - RH - 2014
  6. “I went to Dr. Duke for a second opinion regarding a recurring skin condition a few years ago. She helped me figure out the problem, and I ended up switching over to her as my regular dermatologist. Her office is great--easy to get to , friendly, modern. The staff is nice and welcoming. They are always very busy, but Dr. Duke is always calm and very attentive and focused on you. She is happy and loves talking about skin. While she is treating you, she talks about how sunscreens work, or the history of chemical peels or tattoos. Dr. Duke helped make my skin better, and I have recommended her to others. I am very satisfied with her care."-- "Nice Office” by LMPP at Citysearch, Monday, April 16, 2012.
  7. " I have been a patient of Dr. Duke's since 1998. I have had several skin cancers, and Dr. Duke checks my skin and all my moles regularly. She is an excellent doctor, very nice and caring and patient, and she is very thorough with her exams during my office visits. Her staff has always been pleasant and helpful. Although the office is always busy, my wait time is usually less than 15 minutes, and I never feel rushed. I would highly recommend her as a great skin doctor."--“I have been a patient of Dr. Duke's” by Jim canoes at Citysearch, Tuesday, April 03, 2012.
  8. “Dr.Daniella Duke is the dermatologist for my entire family. From our first visit almost 10 years ago, I have had confidence in Dr. Duke's compassion and high standards of professionalism. Both Dr. Duke, and staff, have made me, my husband, and my 2 children are all comfortable knowing that we our getting excellent care when we need to see her. Our visits have included regular skin checks, and treatments for rashes and acne on my children, as well as a number of rejuvenation treatments for me (and my husband!) as we have gotten older. She has customized a number of treatments for me based on my specific goals and skin issues, and she has an incredible number of laser in her office for treating these issues. We feel very fortunate to have Dr. Duke as our dermatologist!"--Dr.Daniella Duke is the dermatologist” by Garden Sue at Citysearch, Tuesday, April 03, 2012.

Coastal Dermatology-Dr Duke-CoolSculpting: Reviews

  1. "I have been a patient of Dr. Dukes for many, many years and would highly recommend the services and expertise her office provides. I recently had the Cool Sculpting done and it worked like a charm! The procedure itself was easy, I had no CoolSculpting photodiscomfort and no down time following it. The results were fast, quite amazing and worth every penny. In fact, this procedure is a healthier and much more cost effective approach than cosmetic surgery - by far! If you have any "trouble spots" that you want gone, I would highly recommend Cool Sculpting." -- KK - 2014
  2. One of the nurses at Coastal Dermatology wrote about her own CoolSculpting experience on the blog: My CoolSculpting Experience.
  3. “I have seen Dr. Duke for Coolsculpting 3 times this year, as sessions are spaced out 3 months apart. She was very congenial, helpful and supportive, even when I was embarrassed about my abdomen. After assessing the problem, she recommended 3 separate sessions for me in particular. It doesn't always take that long, depending on the extent of the problem. I am now fitting into clothes I haven't worn in years, and I am no longer embarrassed about my body. The fat I lost is gone permanently, but I still exercise because you can gain in other areas. The procedure itself is performed by her nurse Erika, who was also easy to work with. A suction cup shaped like a vacuum wand is placed over the area to be done, then the area is sucked into the cup and the temperature slowly lowered to the point where fat freezes but skin doesn't. There is a protective sheet between the skin and the cup. It pinches for a minute, but then feels numb and there is no pain. I had some bruising, and a tingling sensation after the first session (2 hours), but pain after the second one (4 hours). I think had I opted for a shorter session that might not have been the case. I am very pleased with my results so far, and will be having at least one more session soon. By Christmas I hope to be back into a size 10. There is no surgery, so no risk of infection, and an ugly caesarean scar I had for 30 years is hardly visible anymore. Dr. Duke told me that the skin had a natural tendency to want to adhere back to the body, so there is some skin shrinkage, but I will still have some loose skin. But I don't care about that, I am just happy to be looking good in my clothes. Another advantage is that it happens so gradually that people just think you've been losing weight. I would highly recommend Dr. Duke and her staff for a safe and effective procedure of Coolscupting."--Editorial review from Citysearch by janem750402978 at Citysearch, Monday, August 26, 2013.
  4. "I am 48 and struggled with the way I looked. I had the muffin top for a while and after trying everything to get rid of it, I heard about Cool Sculpting. I made an appointment to sere if I was a candidate, the ladies at the office were very nice. Long story short I went ahead with the cool sculpting and lost an inch in my waist and 1/2" in my hips. I still have a little more in the mid section to work on but I couldn't be more happy with the results.--MM on Google Review 2015.

    The price may seem a little high but the results and support from this office is well worth it.

Coastal Dermatology-Dr Duke-Botox & Dysport: Reviews

  1. "I've been a patient of Dr. Duke's for over 10 years. I've always gotten good results with Dysport photoanything she has prescribed whether for adult acne, skin discoloration and skin cancer. She is a great Doctor! I recently had 'Dynasport' injected into my forehead and in between my eyebrows to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and those '11s'. I am very pleased with the results. My forehead is completely smooth and wrinkle free. I was a little nervous that my forehead would look unnatural and feel paralyzed. Neither happened! When I try to frown, it feels like I'm frowning...even though my forehead doesn't wrinkle...not paralyzed at all! I should have done this sooner!" - SM - 2014

Coastal Dermatology-Dr Duke-Laser Hair Removal: Reviews

  1. "I have been going to Dr. Duke's office for years and everyone there is always so friendly and professional. I received so much help from Dr. Duke when my skin broke out and was difficult to treat. I was put on antibiotics and given various topical creams. I have done microdermabrasion and blue light treatments. And my skin looks and feels great now! I also did laser hair removal on my underarms and legs. I needed a lot of treatments, but over the long term the treatments have made a huge difference. And the nurses were so nice because the laser really “zings” sometimes, but they always helped me through the procedures. I have had only good experiences at this office and will continue to recommend this office to my friends." -- JCB - 2015

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