Aug 02 2012

Coolsculpting Body Contouring

Mystic CoolSculptingThere are few things in life as annoying as those stubborn pockets of fat that simply refuse to disappear, no matter how hard you diet or exercise. Plastic surgery has long offered a fairly effective treatment for these fatty deposits in the form of liposuction, but many people prefer to avoid a surgical procedure, no matter how minimally invasive. Likewise, there are laser treatments that produce good results, but carry with them the risk of damaging tissues besides the fat cells being targeted. Wouldn’t it be great if there were a completely non-invasive procedure that addressed this stubborn fat while leaving healthy surrounding tissues undisturbed?

If your answer to this question is “yes,” then Mystic dermatologist Daniella Duke has some very, very good news for you.

CoolSculpting, a revolutionary new body contouring developed by Harvard scientists, targets fat cells with unrivaled precision without the use of lasers, ultrasound waves, or invasive surgery. Instead, the CoolSculpting system freezes the fat cells - and only the fat cells - to the point that they cannot survive. They are safely and permanently eliminated from the body, leaving patients with smoother, more youthful looking skin and beautifully refined contours.

At the practice of Daniella Duke, laser treatments of the highest quality are available. Now, however, our patients who wish to re-contour their figures have a non-laser option in the form of CoolSculpting.

How Does It Work?

The CoolSculpting procedure is quick, simple, and relatively painless. After you and Dr. Duke have determined which areas of your body are to be treated, a device will be used to pull the targeted areas between two panels. These panels cool the area, eventually killing the fat cells without damaging any other tissues. Although patients may experience some discomfort during the first few minutes of cooling, the sensation soon fades, leaving them in complete comfort. After one to three hours, the treatment is complete, after which patients are able to return immediately to their normal activities.

What Sorts of Results Can I Expect?

Depending on your personal goals, you may find that a single treatment session is sufficient to ridding you of the fatty deposits that are keeping you from your desired figure. If not, you can safely undergo further treatment. Each treatment session will yield a noticeable and significant reduction in visible fat, with impressive results appearing after three weeks and dramatic results after about two months.

The fat cells that are eliminated cannot regenerate; however, it is important that you regularly diet and exercise in order to maintain a healthy weight. As long as you do this, your results should be permanent.

It is worth emphasizing that CoolSculpting is not a weight-loss procedure, nor is it a treatment for obesity. The procedure is intended to target isolated, relatively small bulges of fat in the abdominal region and the flanks. During their consultations with Dr. Duke at her practice in Mystic, CoolSculpting patients are given thorough details about the procedure to ensure that they feel comfortable in their decision to proceed with treatment.

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