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Nov 12 2013

Medical Microdermabrasion vs Spa Microdermabrasion

Patients sometimes ask me: is there a difference between a microdermabrasion performed at a doctor’s office and a microdermabrasion performed at a spa or salon. The answer is YES, for many reasons.

Oct 18 2013

My Coolsculpting Experience--as told by a nurse. Part I

CoolSculpting DeviceCoolSculpting is a no downtime external only treatment to decrease the appearance of discrete bulges of fat mostly on the abdomen and flank . The device, which requires no anesthesia, no needles, and no probes, works by decreasing the temperature in the applicator cups to selectively injure fat cells and not all of the other cells. Fat freezes at a higher temperature than water, which is the guiding principle for how the device safely causes the fat cells to shrivel up, die, and be slowly moved away by your own body's immune cells -- over a period of about three months. CoolSculpting is not a weight reduction program but rather reduces the areas of stubborn fat that do not respond to diet and exercise. This blog is the first in a multiple part series describing the experience of a dermatology laser nurse. In this first segment, she describes her actual treatment experience and what the area felt like the first few days following the treatment.

Jun 24 2013

How to choose a sunscreen

Sun exposure can increase your risk of developing skin cancer and can lead to early skin aging (brown spots, thickened skin, wrinkles...). Protecting your skin from choosing best sunscreenexcess and long term sun exposure can minimize the risk of skin cancer and sun damage. Not all sunscreens are alike, and the trick is to select a the best sunscreen for your skin. Learn more about : which specific sunscreen ingredients work the best, how to read a sunscreen label, which sunscreen ingredients are safe and will not clog pores or cause breakouts, which sun protection products are best for sensitive skin, what does the sunscreen's SPF actually mean, are sunscreens really "waterproof", which is more important UVA or UVB protection, which sunscreens are best for children and teenagers, how to chose the best sunscreen, how do sunscreens prevent wrinkles and brown spots and how to treat wrinkles and brown spots if they have already happened.

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