Nov 12 2013

Medical Microdermabrasion vs Spa Microdermabrasion

Medical Microdermabrasion Stonington CT

Dr. Duke in Stonington CT, reviews how microdermabrasion can smooth skin texture, reduce pore size, refine skin tone. How to chose the best microdermabrasion treatment for your skin.

The microdermabrasion device

The actual device used in a physician’s office is more powerful, and CAN ONLY BE SOLD TO A PHYSICIAN, and used under the guidance of a physician. So the device in a spa delivers a spa treatment: a very light facial type treatment.

A medical grade microdermabrasion device has a biologic effect on your skin cells, wrinkles, acne scars, pore size, or collagen molecules. The medical device has:

  1.  the specific design of wands or handpieces which stimulate more collagen growth and remove more dead skin cells
  2. more intense negative vacuum pressure to remove cellular debris and stimulate new skin growth. A spa device cannot therefore deliver the same medical grade procedure.

The medical grade device is still a safe procedure for all skin types: sensitive, rosacea prone, darker skin tones, tanned, active acne, delicate, older, younger.

The person who performs the treatment

Spa microdermabrasion is performed by esthetician or “cosmetologist”. Medical microdermabrasion is performed, in my office, by a nurse. The nurse treats all of her patients under the direct guidance of a physician, me! Therefore, your treatment is done by a licensed healthcare professional. I think that this is very important. On a national level, there are more complications reported from cosmetic procedures when they are performed by people who either are untrained, not trained well, or are not working under the guidance of a physician. I work very closely with my nurses before, during, and after each patient they treat.

The intent of the treatment

Spa microdermabrasion makes your skin feel good,  Medical microdermabrasion biologically affects your skin cells to achieve the desired changes in your skin: soften wrinkles, remove sun damage, empty out and shrink pores, lighten brown spots, reduce oil gland activity and acne.

Device maintenance

Our device is maintained to the same standard as all of our other medical equipment. After a treatment, the wands are soaked in an anti-bacterial antiseptic solution, scrubbed down like a surgical tool, and then run through an autoclave to achieve a totally sterile cleansing. Because you are getting your procedure done in a medical office, you are assured that the equipment, the office setting, the treatment room, the healthcare professional performing your treatment, and the treatment itself are medical grade regarding how clean and antiseptic it is.

All aspects of the treatment are held to all the standards required of a medical office.

Under the guidance of a physician

All of my nurses are trained to make certain clinical decisions during your treatment: what to treat, how to treat, what not to treat, realistic expectations, what to recommend to add to your procedure. Should they have a question, your skin condition and situation are reviewed with me by your nurse. This is why “under the guidance of a physician” is important.

Under the guidance of a physician

At your initial consultation with me, I set a treatment plan to achieve your desired skin care goals. There are so many treatments available nowadays, that I work through with you what would be the most effective treatment plan for your skin, concerns, and goals. Medical microdermabrasion may be a part of that plan.

During your series of microdermabrasion treatments, the nurse may observe the plan needs to change: alternate with a laser, add a chemical peel or product infusion on top of the microdermabrasion, consider laser hair removal or a laser rejuvenation peel. I then will re-evaluate your skin, your concerns, and your progress. I work very closely with my nurses every minute of the day, constantly coming into their treatment room to see and talk to their patients.

  • Answer questions.
  • Modify the treatment plan.
  • Add the patient on to the my schedule for a mole check if they are concerned about a skin lesion, or for Botox or filler if that is the case.
  • There are many advantages for a patient to have their microdermabrasion done in a medical office where a doctor is on site, and involved in their care.


A microdermabrasion in our office tends to be less expensive than a "spa level microdermabrasion" performed at one the local spas and salons in our area--and a more effective and professional treatment is provided as described above.

For all of the above reasons, should a patient be considering microdermabrasion, I usually recommend the procedure by done in a doctor’s office.

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