Jan 10 2014

Fillers soften facial wrinkles

Fillers reduce wrinkles Stonington CT

Dr. Duke, located in Stonington, CT, has extensive experience using fillers to soften wrinkles and folds, making faces look more youthful, less "down", softer.

Types of Facial Fillers to Reduce Wrinkles

juvederm wrinkle treatment photoThe gold standard to reduce wrinkles using fillers are Restylane and Juvederm. These hyaluronic acid dermal fillers are FDA approved for wrinkle reduction. There are other hyaluronic acid fillers also FDA approved, many--one example being Belotero. They are all the made of hyaluronic acid--but in the processing of the actual molecule, the structure of the hyaluronic acid is modified. Some hyaluronic acid products are a bit stiffer, or a bit softer, or have a different flow quality when injected. Both Restyalne and Juvederm are FDA approved to last the same duration: 6-18 months.

There are non-hyaluronic acid fillers as well: some more for volumizing rather than wrinkle reduction - Sculptra and Radiesse are examples of those types of fillers. Some practitioners use silicone--as a more permanent filler--with the "micro drop" injection technique.

Tricks to a Safe and Natural Filler Treatment: Stonington CT

Dr Duke prefers Restylane and Juvederm--her fillers of choice to reduce facial lines and wrinkles. They can be used in a very natural and aesthetically pleasing way -without the "Hollywood-overfilled-look".  Dr Duke has been injecting these Restylane wrinkle treatment photofillers since they were FDA approved, over ten years ago. Experience is important when selecting a doctor to inject your lines.

Small amounts of filler injected discretely in the right anatomic location can very naturally:

  • lift the corners of the mouth,
  • fill and reduce marionette lines and deeper folds around the mouth,
  • soften the wrinkles and the "down-look" that settles in around the mouth.

Restylane and Juvederm for Lip Enhancement and Wrinkles

The science and art of lip enhancement and wrinkle reduction, using fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm, have evolved since their initial use over a decade ago. These fillers are more advanced than previous products such as collagen injections-- in how they flow into the skin, their ability to give such a natural look, their lack of a possible allergic reaction, and their low rate of complications.

Fillers are an amazing rejuvenation option in the "toolbox" of cosmetic dermatologist--and we have perfected how to use them over the decade. We have learned that "more is less". Cosmetic dermatologists come to appreciate, scientifically studies, and mapped out the geometric ratios of the ideally attractive and balanced lips:

  • mid lips slightly more enhanced than side lips (to avoid the "sausage lips")
  • upper lip to lower lip ratio
  • soft puffy little pillows of fill near cupids bow in the upper lip
  • a defined yet soft edge or border to the lips
  • discrete yet visible fullness to the central lower lip
  • a bit of fill at the lower edges of the lips to turn them up

Skin Rejuvenation Treatments Combined with  Fillers - Stonington, CT

skin rejuvenation stonington ct photoWe have also learned to incorporate fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm into the "toolbox" of skin rejuvenation and anti-aging treatments. Dr Duke loves to combine no-downtime skin treatments to maximize a patient's overall outcome. Examples of common skin rejuvenation combination are:

Skin Rejuvenation Consultation-Dr Duke Stonington CT

dr duke stonington ct top docThe combinations are endless--and can all be done on the same day, at the same session. One treatment session that brings it all together and addresses all of your anti-aging issues.

Each patient's face, facial issues, and concerns are different. We all are unique--and we all age differently. One issue may really bother one person, and not another. Dr Duke works through your issues with you, and using her over 20 years of academic involvement and experience in the laser and cosmetic world, helps you understand which treatments would best focus on your issues.

Dr Duke's office, Coastal Dermatology, is located in Mystic, CT (a section of Stonington, CT), accessible from Groton CT, Norwich CT, New London CT, and Westerly RI. Call our office at 860-245-0000 if you have any questions about your skin, or send us an email through our "contact us" page.




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