Feb 07 2014

My Coolsculpting Experience--as told by a nurse. Part II

CoolSculpting Fat Reduction CT Rhode Island

Great Coolsculpting Results

Three months have passed since my initial CoolSculpting treatment - that is me being the CoolSculpting patient rather than the CoolSculpting nurse (see Coolsculpting Part I blog). Similar to the experience of many of my patients at their three month follow up appointment, I am truly pleased with the results of that single treatment

So remember, I had a four cycle (four hour) treatment: two larger (yellow) applicators for my upper abdomen and two more yellow applicators on my lower abdomen. 

Did the Coolsculpting treatment site hurt afterwards?

coolsculpting applicator photo

 Although at first I was pretty uncomfortable post-treatment (enough to have to taken Advil for about 1 week), the soreness quickly dissipated and I felt back to normal. No healing issues over the long term; but some discomfort in the short term.

We have found that because the larger applicators draw more tissue (fat) and are able therefore to freeze more fat cells, patients treated with the larger applicators in general tend to report slightly more discomfort than patients treated with the smaller (purple) applicators.

And I had four yellow (larger) applicators for my for my first session! Based on my experience, if your treatment plan calls for four or more yellow applicators, you might want to consider planning two separate treatment sessions to spread out the cycles.

A large tissue draw into the applicator cup means more fat cells are frozen which may mean some discomfort after the treatment but also may be correlated with better results: more fat cells die over the three months following the treatment.

My Coolsculpting treatment worked

About a month after my treatment, I started seeing changes in my body. My husband commented that there was less to grab around my midsection. My upper abdomen seemed tocoolsculpting applicator photoshrink into my body and I began to wonder how I was ever able to get my fat into the vacuum of the CoolSculpting device because now I was unable to grab even a handful.

My lower abdomen seemed also to tighten up against my body. I still have my ‘adorable’ mom pooch, but it is less firm and has a jelly like texture to the flesh.

More sites to treat with Coolsculpting

One negative I did notice is that now that my belly is smaller, my love handles look more pronounced. Luckily, during my initial consultation with Dr. Duke, we took that into account , and the next phase of my treatment plan will be to do a two hour session (two cycles) on my side flanks. The plan is to do a purple applicator on each side to treat my ‘love handles’ over that two hour period. Watch a video of my one of my "love handles" being treated with a purple applicator:


Coolsculpting results gradual over three months

Patients are always asking me if I believe in the CoolSculpting Treatment, and now I can say firmly, Yes! But, as I tell them it’s not an overnight cure to fat reduction, and it may take many cycles to get to the body you desire.

 Now that I have debulked my abdominal area, I see I will need additional treatments to my lower abdomen to get the results I desire. However, the results were good enough that I probably will not be a candidate for the ‘big yellow’ vacuum again and may have to use the smaller purple applicators because of my great reduction in fat tissue.

And that is a common patient scenario when there is a lot of tissue to treat. We will tell patients to expect more than one session: the first to debulk the amount of fat, and the follow up session (s) with the smaller applicators to sculpt and further reduce the area.

I could see and feel the difference after my Coolsculpting treatment

Although I never measured the circumference of my waist prior to starting this, I can with certainly say I have loss inches. And not that I recommend this, but I also managed to gain 7 pounds over the holidays, and still my pants feel looser and I got many compliments from friends and family, including my ever honest sister who said I looked ‘less lumpy’ than usual.

Keep watching this Blog for updates on Phase 2 of my CoolSculpting experience including treatment of my love handles and a second treatment of my mom pooch.

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