Jul 20 2014

New Technology for Skin Tightening

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Dr Duke, Stonington, CT, reviews how newer devices can tighten and firm the skin in a non-surgical, no downtime way.

Tissue tightening with the VShape

tissue tightening before and after photosThe VShape treatment uses guided radio-frequency energy waves to heat up a very specific level of skin. This heat creates new collagen that is tighter and firmer--giving your facial or non-facial areas tightening with no surgery, no needles, no anesthesia, absolutely no downtime.

The treatment is usually one hour long and a series give much better results than just one session. Plan to be in the office for about one hour, but then you can carry on with your regular daily activities totally free of any downtime issues. The treatment feels warm but is not uncomfortable.

Why is the VShape better for tissue tightening

tissue tightening treatment photosLike computers, the technology of tissue tightening devices is always getting better, and the VShape is a recent advancement.

  • With this device, we can better target the energy to the exact level of the tissue we want, to give you great results.
  • The optics of the hand-pieces allows us to treat the skin more uniformly and evenly, giving you better results.
  • Newer hand-pieces give us more versatility in the treatment, once again leading to better results for you. We have four different hand-pieces for the VShape to guide the energy to best suit your needs. Usually more than one hand-piece is used during a single session.
  • The frequency of the VShape is perfect for treating skin, created for the purpose if focusing the heat at the ideal level for improved results.

All of this adds up to an effective no downtime, non-surgical treatment to tighten and firm your problem areas.

Video of tissue tightening treatment

Watch a treatment in action to understand exactly how the VShape works.



Making your tissue tightening treatment effective

We are excited about the new VShape face and body tissue tightening treatment. It gets the results your looking for in a no downtime way. The VShape tightens and firms skin on the:

  • face and neck
  • arms
  • belly
  • front and inner thighs
  • post and sides of thigh
  • any area of cellulite

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