Dec 12 2014

Best Botox Treatments Stonington CT

Best Botox Treatments Stonington Groton Norwich CT

Dr. Duke in Stonington, CT has been injecting Botox to reduce her patient's wrinkles for over a decade--experience counts to get the Best Botox results! Everyone smiles differently. Or makes different sad or angry faces. Those expressions, repeated over decades, create different patterns of lines. So everyone's wrinkles are uniquely theirs.  Therefore, everyone needs to be injected differently to get their best results. No cookbook Botox! No quick-weekend-course-trained-doctor or nurse can appreciate all those faces and smiles and creases that have unfolded over my years of practice.


Botox Works to Smooth Wrinkles

best botox treatment stonington ct imageBotox and Dysport and the other FDA approved Botox-like products all work in a very similar fashion. They block the muscles from tensing so much so we cannot make the angry frown a zillion times a day--which has been causing those "number 11's" or deep furrows in between our eyes.

Relaxing the muscles makes the deep wrinkles less visible--smoother. We look more youthful, and relaxed. To learn the details of how Botox works, check out the Botox page on the Dr Duke Website. 

But for experienced Botox injectors, Botox is so much more than just inject the muscle and soften that wrinkle or crease. Botox has a "ying-yang" effect when it is injected. Our body, including our facial muscles, is built with opposing muscles. For every "pull", there is a "push" muscle. For every "pull up", there is a "pull down" muscle. They are always balancing each other.

When Botox softens the effects of one muscle group, the opposing muscle group can become more enhanced. Using this subtle but real effect is what an experienced Botox injector loves--as it can be used to make the face look more refreshed--without surgery. That is why Botox is sometimes referred to as the: liquid facelift

Less experienced injectors, though, will miss this subtle effect, and that is how Botox gets its bad name. That is when a patient has been "over-Botoxed" or the "Hollywood style Botox". It is horrible--artificial--ugly--aesthetically displeasing.

 I tell all my patients, I am conservative with Botox. You never want someone to say, or think--he or she has had Botox! I can always put more product in, but I never want to make a patient look like they have been Botox'ed--or look artificial. I think people can age gracefully, with a little touch of help here and there. We just want to feel happy with where we are at. 

The Art of Giving a Great Botox Treatment-Dr Duke Stonington CT

My office is located in Mystic, CT--a section of Stonington, CT--near Groton CT, Norwich CT, Waterford CT, New London CT, and Westerly RI. I see patients though from all over Connecticut and Rhode Island. Not infrequently, I am best dysport treatment stonington ct imagereferred patients who have been "over-Botox'ed" by less experienced injectors in my area.

Nurses, or doctors, or other health care providers who have gone to a weekend course, or have not been using Botox products for very long. 

Every single human face is unique--in the way it looks, and moves, and gets wrinkled.I love looking at faces and facial expressions and patients' eyes. The way we sometimes smile with our eyes, or our cheeks, or our mouths. We can frown with a scowl. Or a tightening of the mouth. Or a stiffening of the jaw. We can laugh with our belly!

I modify my Botox treatments for all patients and all faces. I love watching the expressions--and personalizing each treatment for each face and patient and muscle movement. 

Is Botox safe?

Botox has a very long safety record. Like all medications, safety is based on using the medication properly. And everything in moderation. When I analyze the reports of the "bad things" that have happened with Botox --they are all related to improper treatment techniques, or using too much in the wrong place. 

Botox combined with other skin treatments

Dr Duke-Stonington CT

chemical peel stonington ct imageI love combining Botox with some of our other skin rejuvenation treatments---like fillers, chemical peels, laser skin resurfacing, brown spot removal, facial vein removal, platelet therapy (PRP), and laser peels--either on the same day or on different days. They are more than additive--really synergistic. Softening the deep tense frown furrows with Botox and then doing a light chemical peel to smooth the entire texture and tone of the skin is an example of a great combination.

Do it over lunch--no downtime--back to work and looking less stressed and more youthful a few days later. I love helping people feel better about themselves.

Dr Duke's office, Coastal Dermatology,  is located in Mystic, CT (a section of Stonington, CT), accessible from Groton CT, Norwich CT, New London CT, and Westerly RI.

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