Jun 03 2015

Restylane Silk-softer, smoother, special

Fillers Restyalane Silk Stonington CT

Dr Duke of Coastal Dermatology in Mystic, CT will discuss the new wrinkle filler Restylane Silk.

What is a hyaluronic acid wrinkle filler

Restylane filler imageNon-surgical wrinkle reduction treatments took on a whole new approach when Restylane was FDA approved in 2011. Restylane is composed of hyaluronic acid (HA), a clear gelatinous substance that is found naturally in the human body as a molecule mostly in skin, eyes, and joints. It acts as a network to transfer nutrients to the skin cells. Like collagen, it is a fiber that adds substance and firmness to our skin. Synthesized HA is made from roosters' combs or as a by-product of bacteria. The risk of a person having a reaction to a HA filler is extremely low, as we all have this molecule as part of our body already.

Injection of an HA filler can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and act as a cushion to support and volumize tissues that may have lost some of their firmness during the normal aging process. There are close to 10 different HA fillers to chose from for injecting into and softening wrinkles. But Restylane Silk, the new kid on the block, is different.

How is Restylane Silk different than Restylane

Restylane Silk is made of the same "tried and try" formulation of the HA particles used in the original Restylane, but theRestylane Siik image HA particle size is much smaller. The average particle size for Restylane is 350-450 um; for Perlane 750-1,000 um; and for Restylane Silk 50-200 um.

What is Restylane Silk used for

The smaller particle size of Restylane Silk allows it to be used as a more subtle filler:

  • in lips--a softer more natural lip enhancement  (ie-don't be afraid of getter "duck" or "sausage" lips with this filler)
  • upper lip vertical lines: this small and soft filler can be placed in tiny droplets into the edgy small lines on the upper lip, making the entire upper lip area softer and less lined.
  • chin and lower lip lines
  • support for around the aging mouth that begins to turn down, or look chronically "sad" or "angry"

What is the Restylane Silk treatment like

Restylane Silk injections are a brief, in-office procedure. It can take one or two sessions to achieve your results.

First, Dr Duke will review with you your concerns, and go over all of the treatment options, be it: chemical peels, laser resurfacing, platelet rich plasma rejuvenation, or fillers--like Restylane Silk. Dr Duke loves your Restylane Silk around the mouth. It does the "detail work"--all those small lines. And Dr Duke loves a full but natural looking lip--soft and subtle, never "over done".

Dr Duke likes to make sure you are comfortable during the procedure; we have lots of tricks! You may just use a topical numbing gel, cold ice, and dental nerve block, or opt for nothing at all. Everyone is different.

The procedure takes 15-20 minutes--a few soft injections into your areas of concern. Patients hold pressure for a few minutes to minimize any potential bruising, and then some patients ice the area on and off for a few hours.


How long does Restylane Silk last

Restylane Silk is FDA for a 6 month duration. Duration depends on your own body's rate of breaking down the HA, how much HA was injected, and the sites injected. Everyone is different--but getting the procedure done 1-2 times per year is about average.

Before and After photos using Restylane Silk wrinkle filler

Restylane Silk Filler image


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