Apr 18 2017

Safe and Painless Skin Tag Treatments

Skin Tag Treatment - Mystic, CT

Skin Tag TreatmentSkin tags are, unfortunately, a fact of life. As many as one in four people will develop skin tags at some point in their lives. Although they may affect your appearance, they are considered benign growths; so it’s completely okay to leave them intact. If, however, you find them bothersome, Dr. Daniella Duke, a specialist in medical dermatology at Coastal Dermatology can safely remove them at our Mystic, CT office. Several skin tag treatment options are available, all of them quick and painless.

What Are Skin Tags?

Clinically referred to as acrochorodons or cutaneous tags, skin tags are fleshy growths on the skin. They generally form on the neck, under the arms, and in the groin area, although they can also appear on the eyelids and other areas of the face. Skin tags are benign, so there is no need to worry about skin cancer or other serious skin conditions if you spot one. So long as the skin tag does not cause irritation, it is perfectly fine to leave them alone.

What Causes Skin Tags?

Although researchers have not pinpointed a single cause of skin tags, most believe they are a result of constant friction from clothing (such as bra straps) or the skin rubbing together (as is the case with underarms). They can form at any age, but most patients do not experience these growths until after age 50. Patients who are obese are more likely to develop skin tags than those who maintain a healthy weight.

Why Can’t I Remove Them Myself?

There are numerous online articles providing directions for “safe at-home removal of skin tags”. However, attempting to remove a skin tag yourself can result in excessive bleeding and scarring. It also increases your risk for infection. The safest way to remove a skin tag is to have your dermatologist do it for you.

Skin Tag Treatment Options

Dr. Duke can remove skin tags in a few different ways. Each of these treatment options is painless, and they do not involve the risk of infection or scarring.

  • Cutting: Using surgical scissors, Dr. Duke can snip the skin tag right off.
  • Freezing: Dr. Duke can apply liquid nitrogen to the skin tag, effectively freezing it and making removal simple and painless.
  • Cauterizing: Cauterization, or burning, with an electric current is also an effective treatment method for skin tags.

There are minimal side effects and risks involved with these treatment options. Patients who undergo the freezing method may notice a small blister in the treated area. However, this will heal in a few days. These procedures are not only painless, they will leave behind no scarring, which is especially important for skin tags on the face and neck. You can get back to your normal activities as soon as the treatment is complete, so there is no downtime involved.

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