Sep 28 2017

Medical Microneedling in Mystic CT

microneedling mystic CT | RI

Dr. Duke in Mystic, CT now offering medical microneedling

microneedling photo mystic CT | RIDr. Duke and her staff are excited to offer medical microneedling at this time, because the devices are made in the past few years, and therefore are safer and more effective. The device is a wand. At the tip of the wand is an arrangement of 12 very small needles. The mechanized device moves the needles up and down as the wand is moved over the treatment site. Thus, many small punctures, or microchannels, are created in the skin. The depth of the channels can be controlled to be very shallow, or more deep---depending on your skin type and needs.

How does microneedling actually work?

As these microsopic channels heal, your body creates new stronger collagen to fill in the small channnels. This new collagen is tighter, firmer---thus giving the microneedling photo mystic CT| RIskin a smoother, tighter look. At Dr. Duke's office, before the procedure, we prep your skin and then apply a numbing cream. After about 30 minutes, that cream is removed, and the procedure begins. The wand is moved over the treatment site in different patterns and directions depending on anatomic location. The little channels may initially cause some mild bleeding, depending on the depth of our micronedling procedure.

How is medical microneedling different than spa or at-home microneedling?

Medical grade microneedling is a safer and more effect method of microneedling because:

  • done in a medical office under by a doctor or nurse----a medical licensed professional. Dr. Duke and her staff have been doing skin treatments for over 20 years.
  • done to the sanitary standards of a medical procedure. The tip is single use and disposed of after each use. There are filters in the medical greate devices to prevent any backflow or contamination.
  • device is different---can only be used by a medical professional as it goes deeper so can be more effective
  • device is dffierent--more consistent in the way in makes the micro-channels than an at home dermaroller or other spa devices. The needles are medical grade. The pattern of the needles is more precise. 

Video of medical microneedling being done at Coastal Dermatology CT RI


Goals of microneedling

A series 4-6 microneedling procedures can smooth the texture of the skin. In this way, microneedling can treat :

  • wrinkles and fine lines
  • aging and sagging skin
  • sun damage
  • acne scarring
  • stretch marks less visible
  • enlarged  pore size
  • unwanted skin pigmentation
  • acne
  • scars

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