Aug 10 2018

Coolsculpting Fat Reduction Video

Coolsculpting in Mystic, CT

Coolsculpting at Coastal Dermatology in Mystic, CT

Coolsculpting is a non-surgical procedure to reduce fat. The device selectively freezes the fat cells over all the other cells, causes the fat cells to be slightly injured, and 30% of those fat cells are removed over a 1-3 month peroid. The key to how the device selectively treats just the fat cells is due to the difference in water content between fat cells and all other cells in the body. 

  • The procedure is done in the office
  • A handpiece is applied to the treatment site;  often more than one handpiece needs to be used to cover the desired treatment area
  • The amount of time for the procedure depends on the number of handpieces needed to cover the area (s)
  • No anesthesia is needed, though some patients experience some discomfort during and after the procedure
  • There is no downtime; you may return to your normal activities right after the procedure
  • Coolsculpting can be done on several different body sites: belly fat, flanks, back fat, under the chin

Video of Coolsculping Procedure

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