Aug 11 2018

Lasers to rejuvenate skin

Laser reduces facial redness, pores in Mystic, CT

Video of Laser to rejuveante skin, Coastal Dermatology in Mystic, CT


Skin Laser at Coastal Dermatology in Mystic, CT to reduce facial redness

The Laser Genesis is a type of non-ablative laser. That is, it selectively acts on the blood vessels and collagen in the dermis of the skin, and leaves the epidermis untouched. Therefore, patients heal with no downtime while the energy is focused on the blood vessels to reduce diffuse facial redness. 

Important facts to know about the type of skin laser rejuvenation:

  • There is no down time
  • There is no wound healing afterwards; you can return to your normal activities
  • The treatment feels mildly warm; no anesthesia is needed
  • A series of treatments is needed; usually six
  • The treatments are spaced about four weeks apart

Often, we recommend doing a microdermabrasion prior to the Laser Genesis. Doing the microdermabrsion right before the laser treatment allows for better light penetration through the epidermis and into the dermis/blood vessels which are the target tissue. 


Skin Laser at Coastal Dermatology in Mystic, CT to reduce pores size

The procedure for reducing pores size is the same as the protocol for treating facial redness, as described above. Often, patients get a series of treatments, and then just come in a few times a year for a maintenance treatment. 


Skin Laser at Coastal Dermatology in Mystic, CT to reduce acne scars

Acne scarring is different for every patients. Some acne scars are red; others are darker or brown. Some are indented like a "boxcar"; others are more punched out or justed slightly puckered in. So often, more than one treatment modality is needed to achieve a good final outcome.

The Laser Genesis treatment helps reduce the acne scars if they are red. The laser can reduce the red appearance of the scars. Often, we use the Laser Genesis to reduce the redness of the acne scars and the pores, and then if needed, perform medical microneedling is the patient also has deeper dells, puckering, or indentations as part of their scarring. 


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