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Microneedling, CT and RI

What is microneedling?

microneedling stonington ctMicroneedling has a long history, though recently has had a revival in the skin aesthetic world because the devices have greatly improved. Older models microneedling devices use a roller type instrument, covered with tiny needles. The device would be rolled over the skin, creating tiny punctures in the skin, which as they healed, would stimulate collagen growth and repair, leading to improved looking skin.

The newer devices are based on this same principle, but are mechanized which makes them more consistent, powerful, and customizable than the previous microneedling instruments. The newer devices have single-microneedling skin rejuvenation ct riuse-disposable tips which are carefully arranged pattern of 12 tiny needles.

As the device is moved across the treatment site in either a circular or a linear pattern, the tip moves up and down, with a very high repetition rate, creating many microscopic channels in the skin. These channels induce a natural healing process causing the skin to generate more collagen, leading to smoother rejuvenated skin.

The procedure can be done very mildly--with minimal downtime, or the procedure can be done more aggressively, with about 5 days of microneedling ct riredness and swelling.

Some treatment protocols include using special serum during the procedure to enhance the results--such as hyaluronic acid, natural peptides, growth factors, skin lighteners, or other botanicals.

What can microneedling achieve for your skin?

A series 4-6 microneedling procedures can smooth the texture of the skin. In this way, microneedling can treat :

  • wrinkles and fine lines
  • aging and sagging skin
  • sun damage
  • acne scarring
  • stretch marks less visible
  • enlarged  pore size
  • unwanted skin pigmentation
  • acne
  • scars

microneedling photo ri ctHow is the microneedling procedure performed?

  • Your skin may be "prepped" weeks before the procedure by a special at-home routine
  • When you arrive in the office, a numbing cream is applied to the treatment site for about 30 minutes
  • The numbing cream is removed
  • A super hydrating hyaluronic acid based lubricant is applied to the treatment site
  • The wand is moved over the treatment site in specific patterns--adjustments being made to needle depth based on the specific treatment protocol being used
  • After the procedure, a 3D mask is applied. The mask is cooling, and contains antioxidants and peptides to penetrate into the micro channels and enhance your outcome.
  • A cream or ointment is then applied to your skin and you are taught how to take care of your skin during the 5 day healing period.

Healing from a microneedling procedure

The pace of your individual healing depends on your own immune system, the areas treated, and whether the treatment was mild or more intense.

  1. Right after the procedure:mild to moderate swelling, stinging, burning, redness, some pinpoint bleeding
  2. First 24 hours: Lessening of the redness, tiny red dots, skin feels slightly dry and itchy
  3. Days 1-2: Further lessening of the redness and red dots, minor flaking, less itching and dryness
  4. Days 3-4: Mild pinkness and some dry skin
  5. Day 5 and after: Full recover with normal skin

microneedling healing ct ri

A special emollient is used after the procedure, and needs to be applied by the patient at home during the healing process. Some patients use additional serums to boost their results. Details of how to treat your skin after microneedling can be seen on our Post Procedure Information Sheet.

Is microneedling right for your skin type and issue?

Microneedling is safe for all skin types and colors. Newer microneedling devices have improved on past devices in that they are customizable to each individual's skin type and needs. The device can be programmed to give a very light treatment, a more aggressive treatment, or anything in between.

microneedling photo ct riIf you are looking for a safe, easy skin rejuvenation procedure to just give your skin a healthy glow, or you want to aggressively treat wrinkles and aging skin,  or other marks, microneedling may be the right procedure for you.

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