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Physician-Strength Skin Care Products Stonington CT & RI


Our office offers a wide variety of physician-strength skin care and skin rejuvenation products for both our patients, as well as non-patients.

physician skin care produceSkin care products offered at Dr. Duke's office contain higher concentrations of active ingredient than skin care products sold in retail stores and spas. Over the counter skin care products temporarily change the look of the skin; physician-strength products have an actual biologic effect on the skin, in order to achieve the goal of improving the health and appearance of your skin.

Skincare product application instructions:

To review directions on how to apply each of the products you purchased at our office, and the order of product application, click on the picture to the right.


For Discount Coupons on Skin Care Products

  • Go the Coupon Page
  • Learn about the product of the month and then print out the discount coupon for the Product of this Month
  • Bring coupon into the office, while valid, to redeem your discount
  • What is My Skin Type?

    • Is your skin oily or dry?
    • Is your skin sensitive or more resistant?
    • Does your skin get pigmented with brown spots-or no?
    • Does your skin have wrinkles, or is is naturally smoother?
    • Learn more about your skin-what skin type is it?
    • How should your best take care of your skin type?
    • What skin care products and treatments are best to care for and improve your skin type?
    • Click on the  PHOTO TO THE RIGHT--to take a "What is My Skin Type" Questionnaire to find out: what is your skin type, and how to best care for that skin type.


    • How do you know which cleanser to use?
    • What other skin care products are you using?
    • Is you skin oily, dry, large pores, red, scaly, sensitive, or combination?
    • As the seasons change, skin changes. As life phases change, skin changes. 
    • What skin procedures are you are undergoing? Post procedure care may require specific cleansers.
    • CLICK ON THE PHOTO TO THE LEFT to learn about which cleansers are best for your skin type.


    • Skin cells need the ingredients contained in a moisturizer--fats and lipids--to maintain their cell wall.
    • Moisturizers promote the health of the cells, aiding cells to function better so they then look better!
    • Dry skin can not only become itchy and irritable, but looks more wrinkled and less youthful.
    • The moisturizer needed for your skin type and condition varies depending on your age, skin issues, season, environmental exposures, and the other skin care products and medications being used.
    • CLICK ON THE PHOTO TO THE RIGHT to learn which moisturizers are best for your skin type and skin issues.


    • It is challenging to select the right skin care products for your unique and ever-changing skin. Walking down the skin care product aisle at the pharmacy, or talking to a sales person in a department store cosmetic kiosk can be confusing.
    • First of all: what is your skin type? Which products would be best for your skin issues? Which anti-aging products actually have scientific data they reduce wrinkles, sun damage, and sign of skin aging. 
    • CLICK ON THE PHOTO TO THE LEFT to learn which anti-aging products can smooth, firm, soften, and improve the appearance of your skin.

    Eye Therapy

    • The skin under the eyes is very delicate. Over time, this skin develops red or brown discoloration, fine lines, and becomes puffy. 
    • Under eye skin care therefore must address these unique concerns - without being irritating or greasy. 
    • Do you have more puffiness? Or darkness/brown/red? Or wrinkles and lines?
    • CLICK ON THE PHOTO TO THE RIGHT to learn which eye cream might be best for your under eye area.

    Speciality Products

    • The science and data surrounding skin care products has advanced tremendously over the past few years. The search for unique skin care product ingredients now encompasses the globe.
    • Very specialized unique botanical and synthetic ingredients have found their way into the skin care laboratories--creating amazing and effective skin care products.
    • Learn what the "Julia Childs" skin care chefs are cooking up for our skin.
    • CLICK ON THE PHOTO TO THE LEFT to learn which ingredients to look for in an anti-aging, tightening, firming, anti-wrinkle cream.


    • Protecting skin from sun damage is the single most important measure you can take to help prevent skin cancer and to slow down the skin’s aging process.What is the recommended SPF?
    • An effective sunscreen should protect the skin from both UVA and UVB light. 
    • How do you select the best sunscreen for your skin type? Which ingredients are the best for shielding your skin from the sun?
    • CLICK ON THE PHOTO TO THE RIGHT to learn more about sunscreens and how to select the best sunscreen for your needs and skin type.


    • Acne can strike, or linger, at any age. Teen age, kid acne, adult acne--all have their unique qualities and challenging biology. 
    • Older skin has the frustrating intricacies of wrinkles and pimples. How to treat aging skin, both dry and oily, and breaking out.
    • Younger skin struggles with clogged pores, unrelenting oiliness, and potential scarring.
    • CLICK ON THE PHOTO TO THE LEFT to learn how to chose the best acne creams for your skin issues.

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