How to Best Care for Oily Resistant Skin

Best Products and Treatments Oily Resistant Skin, Stonington CT

oily resistant acne skin photoOily Resistant Skin Type

  • Oily resistant skin is characterized by:
  • large pores
  • shiny, oily skin
  • sunscreen makes skin look oilier and shinier
  • prone to acne breakouts
  • very tolerant of different skin care products--can use very strong products without irritation
  • skin tends to pigment with injury (like an acne blemish or a cut)

Recommended Products for Oily Resistant Skin

Cleanser:--generally can tolerate more aggressive cleansers

Moisturizer: - needs only light moisturizers such as lotions or serums. Too heavy a moisturizer can clog pores, induce pimples, or make your skin more shiny.

Anti-aging treatment: - can tolerate strong products

Anti-acne treatment:-can tolerate strong products

Anti-pigmentation treatment:-if have pigmentation

Eye cream:

Sunscreen:-need oil free products to minimize clogging and shine

Recommended Skin Treatments for Oily Resistant Skin

Reduce brown spots, patches, scarring, and marks:

Reduce facial redness:

Smooth skin texture and uneven skin tone:

Anti-aging Injectables:

Information on this page summarizes and is excerpted from: "The Skin Type Solution" by Leslie Baumann, MD, 2010.

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