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Neck and Chest Rejuvenation Treatments in CT & RI

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Years of sun exposure can cause the skin on the neck, chest, arms, and hands to show irregular patches of discoloration (mottled red, brown, and white) and have a more rough wrinkled texture.

The Science: Neck and chest sun damage

Ultraviolet light exposure induces pigment cells, called “melanocytes”, to make more of the pigment molecule called “melanin”. That is why we get blotchy brown spots in the delicate neck, chest, and arm areas. In addition, ultraviolet light causes the growth of thousands of new tiny blood vessels or spider veins--causing the area to be not only brown, but also red. Furthermore, the collagen fibers become distorted by chronic sun exposure, leading to the rough skin texture. Using sunscreen can help minimize future damage.

The Solutions: Non surgical skin rejuvenation procedures

There are a number of treatment options to help even out the discoloration and smooth the texture on the delicate neck and chest areas.

Platelet Therapy (Platelet Rich Plasma-PRP): Your own platelets, carefully treated, can regenerate more youthful collagen molecules-which tightens and firms the skin. A series of no downtime Platelet Therapy  sessions for the neck can address some of the anti-aging goals of neck skin rejuvenation.

microdermabrasion machine Microdermabrasion: This device is safe for use on the neck, chest,arms, and back. A series of microdermabrasion can smooth the texture of this skin--making it look more youthful.

chemical peel image Chemical Peels: Light to medium depth chemical peels as well can smooth the texture and even out the sun damage discoloration. Microdermabrasion and chemical peels can be done independently, on alternating weeks, or on the same day to achieve deeper results.

revlite laser RevlLite Laser Treatment: This non ablative laser, over a series of gentle treatments, stimulates collagen to grow and lightens up the deeper layers of brown sun damage. The RevLite Laser treatment is helpful for the neck and chest, giving it a firmer tighter look.

fractional laser Fractional Lasers: The most aggressive form of laser resurfacing, or skin smoothing,  is the CO2 laser. Fractionating the laser beam into hundreds of tiny dots makes this device safe to use on the neck and chest. This form of ablative laser resurfacing tightens, firms, and smooths the delicate neck and chest skin. We use two different types of fractional laser, depending on your skin issue and skin type: Matrix fractional CO2 based laser and a Pixel fractional RF (radio frequency) based laser. Some patients benefit from alternating a fractional laser treatment with a photo rejuvenation session. The photo rejuvenation more effectively lightens up the discoloration combination of brown and red. The Matrix CO2 laser or Pixel RF laser smooths, firms, and tightens-addressing issues with irregular texture and wrinkles.

  limelight handpiece Intense Pulsed Light (IPL): The IPL device, or photo rejuvenation procedure, is focused on reducing the red and brown discolorations associated with chronic sun exposure. A series of IPL treatments gently tones down these multi-colored patches on the neck, chest, face, hands, and arms.

IPL treatment of skin sun damage

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IPL treatment of skin sun damage

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