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 Cellulite Treatment in Stonington & Groton CT, RI 

Is this your skin issue?

  • Does the skin on your thighs or other areas dimple or have a puckered-type texture?
  • No matter how much you exercise, does the cellulite persist?

The Science-What is Cellulite

  cellulite imageCellulite is an unsightly feature caused by a specific collection of fat cells which creates skin dimpling. These very superficial fat cells have “fibrous septae”, or collagen cords, woven among the fat deposits, which create the skin dimpling. The occurrence of cellulite is much more common in women than men, being present in some form in the majority (90%) of post-pubertal females.

 The biochemistry of fat formation and metabolism is very different in women than men. Decreasing estrogen levels, and the subsequent changes in the microvasculature in skin fat deposits, contribute to cellulite formation. Also, women in less developed or industrialized countries seem to have less or no cellulite---perhaps related to nutrition, eating organic and less processed food, and being more active during their daily work routine--no desk jobs! Cellulite often is not related to being overweight, as some people who maintain their ideal body weight, and exercise regularly, still have cellulite. In addition, liposuction does not treat this specific type of fat.

The Solution: Non-surgical Accent VShape

accent logoNewer radiofrequency treatments can reduce the appear of cellulite. The radiofrequency energy breaks up the “fibrous septae” in the cellulite areas to decrease the cottage cheese puckered look of the skin. Generally a series of approximately six no downtime non-invasive procedures gives the best results, with an additional  treatment every 1-2 years therefore  to maintain your results.

Ask about whether the new Uniform handpiece is right for your cellulite issue. This re-designed hand piece involves not only deep and controlled heating, but also rotating massagers to stimulate lymphatic drainage of broken up cellulite--making the treated areas smoother and firmer. vshape laser handpiece

The Accent VShape unipolar and bipolar radiofrequency device works to sculpt and smooth the cellulite dimpling. To investigate further, watch this video:

To see the type of results you could achieve, here are some before and after photographs:

before and after cellulite treatment photos Schedule a consultation with Daniella Duke, MD by calling 860-245-0000. She will personally evaluate your skin issues and describe the treatments that would be most helpful for you.

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