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Vanquish Non-surgical Fat Reduction RI & Stonington CT

Vanquish Fat Reduction imageExcess fat in your middle area, belly, thighs, and arms can be difficult to reduce and get rid of--no matter how good you are with exercise and a healthy diet. Vanquish is a truly revolutionary technology to non-surgically and safely reduce fat.

How does the Vanquish fat reduction technology work

Vanquish Fat Reduction imageVanquish is a device which treats unwanted fat. The device works on the theory of selectively heating fat, using multi-focal radiofrequency energy, to cause the fat cells to slowly and safely shrink and be re-absorbed by your body.

Highlights of the science behind the technology:

  • radiofrequency energy or force safely and selectively heats of fat cells
  • the Vanquish radiofrequency, based on its design and the way it delivers energy to the tissue, heats up fat cells more than the surrounding tissue
  • this heat, maintained at just the right temperature for a defined amount of time, causes some of the fat cells to die
  • fat has less water than all of the surrounding tissue--contributing to it heating up more than the surrounding tissue
  • fat is a resistor of radiofrequency--and therefore heats up more. The surround tissues are not resistors (they are conductors), and therefore do not heat up as much.
  • based on water content differences, tissue resistance differences, and the interaction between radiofrequency energy and these tissues, the Vanquish is designed to utilize these tissue variations---and heat up fat and not other cells
  • permanent fat cell death (called apoptosis) has been proven by studies to be induced by the Vanquish
  • permanent fat reduction of up to 2-5 inches over a series of treatments has been shown by the studies

Video of a Vanquish Procedure

What is a Vanquish treatment like

Highlight of the treatment include:Vanquish Fat Reduction image

  • No anesthesia is needed
  • No needles
  • No downtime
  • No discomfort, painful probes, dressings, or exercise restrictions
  • A series of approximately four to six sessions--spaced at one week intervals
  • Each session may last 1 hour or more
  • You can close your eyes and take a nap during the session!
  • After the session, there are no exercise or activity restrictions
  • Results are apparent 3 weeks after the last session, though may be seen earlier

Vanquish Fat Reduction Results

After a series of treatments, the average fat loss in the treatment site is 2 inches. Some patients in the study lost up to 5 inches. Results do vary and depend on: type and amount of fat, adequate hydrate of the tissue, number of session, individual variations in tissue composition and how it interacts with the radiofrequency energy. The Vanquish treats excess fat on the:

  • abdomen
  • back
  • flanks (love handles)
  • thighs (saddle bags)
  • arms


vanquish fat reduction imagevanquish fat reduction image

VANQUISH fat reduction imagevanquish fat reduction

vanquish fat reductionvanquish fat reduction image

To learn more about the Vanquish fat reduction treatment, call our office at 860-245-0000. The office is located in Mystic, CT--a section of Stonington, CT. We are close to New London, Norwich, and Groton CT, and Westerly RI.

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