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Facial Skin Rejuvenation Treatments RI & Stonington CT

Improved Skin Tone

  • Do you feel you skin tone looks dull, “old”, or lifeless?
  • Are your pores more prominent than you would like?
  • Is your skin uneven in color-blotchy brown and/or red?
  • Is your skin not smooth - wrinkles or otherwise uneven in texture?

Treatments for more even skin tone given skin a more finished look, a healthy glow, smoother texture, and firmer tone.

Facial Hair Removal

  • For Men and Women
  • Do you deal with unwanted hair?
  • Are the hairs coarse or fine? Light or dark?
  • Face? Upper Lip? Chin? Under the chin? Jawline? Sideburn area?  Other facial (or non-facial sites) ?
  • Are you always plucking, shaving, waxing, threading, or using depilatories to temporarily remove unwanted facial hair
  • Do you have scars from trying to constantly remove the hairs?

Laser hair removal  can permanently remove unwanted facial hair. Scientific advancements have created lasers which selectively and permanently remove hair follicles in the skin--without affecting or harming the skin itself in any way.

Dark Circles Under Eyes

  • Are people always telling you that you look tired--when you are not?
  • Are the bags and dark circles under your eyes becoming more pronounced?
  • Do you have under eye puffiness and wrinkles, loose skin?
  • Is it now more difficult to cover the under eye issues with concealer or make-up?

Treatments to reduce under eye bags and circles  involve many different options including: lasers, injectables, specialty skin care products, chemical peels, and microdermabrasion.

Facial Skin Tightening

  • Is gravity having its effect on your facial skin?
  • Have you noticed the skin on your cheeks, lower face, jawline, and neck becoming looser, more wrinkled, and sagging?
  • Are you looking for a skin tightening alternative to surgery?
  • Are you getting more saggy and wrinkled around the mouth area?

Non surgical treatments for skin tightening can tone and tighten the cheeks and around the mouth areas, jaw line, “jowls” and neck. These treatments are a no downtime alternative to a surgical facelift.

Facial Redness

  • Is the skin on your face always red - or sometimes red? Are you always feeling hot, or flushed?
  • Does it get more red when you work out, go out in the wind, get emotional or stressed out, sit in a hot room, drink red wine, or get nervous?
  • Are you constantly trying to cover the redness with makeup, but it never quite works?

Facial redness reduction treatments , including laser and photo rejuvenation, can reduce red blotchy facial skin. These lunchtime no down time treatments can tone down that facial redness and create more healthy appearing skin.

Acne Scarring

  • Some acne breakouts are so deep and sore they can leave marks behind. Certain marks do not fade over time.
  • There are different types of acne scarring: to mention a few-ice pick scars, indentations, depressions, raised thick bumps, and red marks.

Acne scar treatments can reduce the appearance of marks left behind by previous acne lesions. All acne scars look different and feel different. Some lessen or go away with time (months or years); others persist. Innovation new treatments can soften the look of acne scars, make your skin look more even from a texture and color point of view.

Brown Spots and Pigmentation on the Face

  • Have you noticed more small or even large brown spots developing on your face?
  • Do the brown spots on your facial skin make your skin look older, less healthy, less bright and less uniform in color?
  • Do you have large patches of uneven brown discoloration that get darker over the summer?

There are several treatment options for facial brown spot removal including laser or photo rejuvenation. Brown spots develop from both sun damage, and the natural aging process. They continue to appear as time goes on. Using sunscreen regularly can decrease the appearance of new brown spots. Easy, quick, and no downtime treatments can remove the brown spots.

Pores, Blackheads, and Whiteheads

  • Some people are plagued by the constant formation of whiteheads and blackheads and increasingly large pores.
  • Do you keep buying different products to shrink or unclog your pores?
  • Do you have acne that has not been well controlled by prescription and want to try a light treatment?

We all have different pores sizes. Some skin types tend to have larger pores. Other people have issues with clogged pores-blackheads and whiteheads. There are several no downtime in-office skin treatments which decrease white heads, blackheads, and pore size. Specific skin care  products you can use at home can keep pores minimized and functioning normally.

Spider Veins and Blood Vessels

  • Spider veins are small blood vessels that appear as red marks or areas on the skin.
  • Do you see more red marks and spots on your facial skin?
  • Are there capillaries on your cheeks, chin, or nose?
  • Do you feel self conscious about the veins, and are always trying to cover them with make up?

Laser facial vein removal  eliminates the capillaries and veins on our facial skin that can make skin look older, less healthy, and blotchy.

Physician Strength Skin Care Products

  • Physician Strength Skin Care, are designed to improve  the way your skin cells are function.  These products are designed for specific goals: smooth skin texture, unclog pores, reduce wrinkles, lighten brown spots
  • The Product Infusion Treatment uses some of these ingredients directly after your in-office microdermabrasion or fractionated laser. In this way, the active ingredients are delivered more directly to your skin cells to make sure they can do their job of promoting collagen growth or removing melanin.

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