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  • Some acne breakouts are so deep and sore they can leave marks behind.
  • There are different types of acne scarring: to mention a few-ice pick scars, indentations, depressions, raised thick bumps, and red marks. photos-acne scarring

The Science: How acne scar treatments work

Different treatment options target the specific scar issues and soften the look of the marks left behind from acne breakouts. Some procedures stimulate new collagen to grow-filling in acne indentations. Other lasers target the inflammation to decrease the red marks. Several procedures work on cleaning out pores to reduce pore size, and minimize both whitehead and blackhead formation.

The Solution: Acne scarring treatment options

A treatment program consisting of a series of sessions, incorporating several different approaches, gives you the best results. The procedures listed below reflect the spectrum of “skin resurfacing”  procedures that smooth skin texture. Microdermabrasion and light chemical peels are on the mild end of the spectrum. Fractional lasers are on the aggressive side of the spectrum. And the RevLite Laser Peel and Laser Genesis are non ablative treatments-in the middle of the spectrum.

Microdermabrasion and superficial chemical peels  are light resurfacing procedures effective for mild acne scarring. These procedures not only soften superficial marks left behind by acne, but also empty out pores, shrink pore size, and are used as treatments to control acne breakouts.

Lasers are unique tools that changed and improved the way we treat acne scarring. The definition of a laser can help you better understand why your laser procedure is so safe and effective. There are several newer laser systems that can soften acne scars.

fractional laserRevLite Laser Peel and the Laser Genesis are deeper laser wavelengths that go directly to the level of the mid dermis where most acne scarring is located. These lasers do not disturb the epidermis or top layer of the skin-so there is no healing or downtime. Rather, the light tries to break up the knotted up acne scars in the dermis and to stimulate new collagen growth which fills in the acne scars so they are not as indented. The Laser Genesis is specifically used on red acne scars to decrease the redness and soften the marks. The RevLite Laser Treatment  focuses on growing new collagen, minimizing enlarged pores, and softening the skin texture.

Fractional Lasers: A more aggressive laser treatment is the fractional  RF (radio-frequency) laser. These lasers are optimal for deeper acne scars. The laser can be used at different strengths, depending on the extent of the acne scarring. Generally a series of fractional  Pixel RF laser treatments gives the best results.

microneedling mystic ctMedical microneedling: This procedure is similar to a fractional laser procedure, but instead uses very thin microneedles, 12 arranged in a specific pattern at the tip of a device that is moved around your skin. The microscopic channels formed by the needles induce a natural healing process which induces collagen to grow, which improves the look of acne scars.

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