Reduce Facial Redness & Flushing

Laser & IPL Treatments for Facial Redness Stonington CT & RI

Is this your skin issue?

  • Is the skin on your face always red - or sometimes red?
  • Does it get more red when you work out, go out in the wind, get emotional or stressed out, sit in a hot room, drink red wine, or get nervous?
  • Are you always trying to cover the redness with makeup, but it never quite works?

The Science: Facial Redness, Sensitive Red Skin, Rosacea

Diffuse facial redness appears for several reasons: sun damage, rosacea, acne scarring, other types of scars, keratosis pilaris, sensitive skin, and genetics. The redness can be present all the time, or become more noticeable with certain trigger factors such as heat, wind, exercise, or wine consumption. An increased number of very superficial blood vessels, combined with sensitive skin or skin that flushes easily, leads to the increased red appearance of the skin. Chronic active or low grade inflammation in the skin also makes the skin more red and sensitive.

The Solution: Photorejuvenation (IPL) & Laser Treatments

A combination of in-office no downtime procedures, and physician strength serums, can decrease the appearance of this diffuse redness.


Laser for skin redness Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)    

Intense Pulsed Light, or photo rejuvenation, is a device that emits different wavelengths of light (not just one wavelength like a laser) and therefore can treat a more broad range of skin issues. The IPL device  was created to treat combinations of skin issues, versus lasers treat just one skin target. The definition of an IPL can help you better understand why the IPL can best treat your combination of skin concerns. A series of four to six IPL treatments can significantly reduce facial redness. The device is scanned over the entire area. The skin is mildly more red for only a few hours. There is no break in the skin, no wound care required, and no need to change your regular daily schedule or activities. Regular treatments at varying intervals help maintain your results. The IPL treatments may remove some of the brown sun damage spots as well as the redness.


laser genesisGenesis Laser Toning    

This laser takes advantage of a specific wavelength of light, 1064 nm, to target the deeper network of small blood vessels in the skin which lead to diffuse facial redness. Similar to an IPL treatment, the Laser Genesis  involves no downtime, targets diffuse redness, and is also used to treat red acne scars and enlarged pores. A series of four to six treatments, sometimes alternating with an IPL treatment, is best to maximize your outcome.

Laser for Facial Redness                                                         Laser for Facial Redness

Often, the best outcome for facial redness reduction is to alternate your treatments between the IPL and the Laser Genesis. Both of these devices focus on decreasing diffuse overall skin redness. Most patients also have the thready vessels or capillaries. In this case, adding on a treatment with a vascular laser  will treat the  visible thready spider veins . Some lasers can be combined at the same treatment session.

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