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Skin Rejuvenation Treatments Stonington, CT

Is this your skin issue?

  • Do you feel you skin tone looks dull, or “old”, or lifeless?
  • Are your pores more prominent than you would like? Is your skin uneven in color-blotchy brown and/or red?
  • Is your skin not smooth - wrinkles or otherwise uneven in texture?

The Science: What is Skin Tone?

Skin tone combines the complex relationship of pore size, uneven skin discolorations, and increased skin laxity. In addition, as we get older, our skin cells do not “turn over” and shed as quickly. This slowing down of cell turnover leads to duller older looking skin. Improving skin tone addresses all of these issues by combining several treatment approaches.

The Solution: Skin RejuvenationTreatments Stonington CT

A combination of treatments can provide the best results to improve skin tone:

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP): Platelet Therapy (or PRP) is a no downtime skin rejuvenation treatment which uses your own cells to regenerate your skin cells. Your own purified platelets injected into specific facial areas tighten and tone the appearance of facial skin. The PRP  stimulates the growth of your collagen molecules to form a matrix of new collagen fibers which tighten and firm sagging skin, reduce cheek hollows, decrease under eye hollows and discoloration, and volumize the face to give the skin and the face a more youthful look. The treatment is easy, quick, no downtime, and completely natural-using your own cells to rejuvenate your skin.Dr Duke is the only physician in Stonington CT, and actually in most of Connecticut and Rhode Island, offering PRP skin rejuvenation.

Laser skin treatmentSkin Resurfacing procedures such as microdermabrasion, chemical peels, fractional CO2 Matrix Laser, RevLite laser peel, medical microneedling, and Laser Genesis all can be used to improve the texture and tone of the skin. Selecting various treatments can help skin that has unique combinations of characteristics: redness and sensitive, oil-prone with enlarged pores, brown spots and wrinkles, acne scarring with redness and pores, or other combination of skin concerns. Resurfacing procedures are a spectrum of treatments ranging from completely no downtime (lunchtime peel!) to 4-5 days of healing time.

laser skin treatmentOmnilux Red LED Light: This type of light emitting diode device, called Omnilux Red LED Light stimulates collagen to grow, and acts as an anti-inflammatory. This treatment is often combined on the same day with other procedures to further enhance results.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL): IPL treatments reduce the diffuse and blotchy red and brown discolorations that can make skin look older. Evening out skin discolorations is one element of improving skin tone. A series of IPL treatments also reduces the pore size.            biocream

Physician Strength Skin Care Products: Several categories of physician strength skin care products can improve skin tone. These include: alpha hydroxy acids, retinols (vitamin A), antioxidants (Vitamin C), growth factors, and specialty products to help reduce red and brown discoloration. Physician grade skin care products can both treat skin issues, and maintain results achieved from in-office procedures.

Schedule a consultation with Daniella Duke, MD by calling 860-245-0000. She will personally evaluate your skin issues and describe the winkle and pore reducing treatments that would be most helpful for you.Our office is located in Mystic, CT, a section of Stonington CT -- close to Groton CT, New London CT, Norwich CT, and Westerly RI.

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