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What is a Product Infusion Treatment

product infusion treatment procedureA Product Infusion is a layered treatment, done directly following another treatment you are already having done that day in the office, such as a microdermabrasion or a light laser treatment or a chemical peel. The specific goal of a Product Infusion "add-on" is to enhance and further improve your results.

A Product Infusion involves the application of a specific blend of physician-strength and prescription-strength ingredients selected to treat and improve your skin condition, appropriate for your skin type.

How a Product Infusion would help your skin

So a Product Infusion is an "add-on". The primary procedure you are having, such as a microdermabrasion or a fractionated laser, affects the tissue in such a way as to create microscopic pores or channels in the skin.

Applying a Product Infusion directly over the already treated skin allows these ingredients and medications to penetrate more deeply into the skin cells, both the epidermal and dermal cells. In this way, these active ingredients can get into

product infusion imagethe cells much better than if you just apply them to untreated skin, on a daily basis. The Product Infusion therefore amplifies the results of your treatments, and makes your skin feel great!   

Product Infusion Ingredients

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The products are infused into a 3D mask. DP Dermaceuticals 3D Sculptured Mask™  is designed to soothe and hydrate with zinc, B5, and hyaluronic acid. An innovative cloth mask that delivers potent hydration and healing repair for a stronger and more resilient feeling skin.

KEY BENEFITS Hydrates and cools for immediate relief, nourishes and repairs for long-lasting comfort Leaves the skin feeling revitalized, smooth and awakened, softening the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, pores and acne scars Plumps and firms for a rejuvenated effects All Skin types and Skin Conditions; Aged, pigmented, sensitized, dehydrated, problematic


  • Copper Peptides - A patented power peptide that is clinically proven to accelerate wound healing and repair while stimulating collagen production and quality. The skin appears repaired and renewed with increased resiliency and defence.
  • Mineral Ore Ferment: Including Zinc, Copper, Iron, Magnesium and Silicon, these oligoelements strengthen skin activity and collagen for regulated function. The skin appears visibly refreshed and renewed with strengthened immunity and clarity.
  • HylaFuse Complex - A triple weighted Hyaluronic Acid complex that effortlessly absorbs into the skin to promote maximum hydration, moisture infusion and long lasting comfort. Hydrolysed Collagen - A bio-identical potent hydrator that stimulates increased hydration and firmness. The complexion appears more radiant and luminous with increased vitality.
  • Willow Bark - A potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory botanical rich in soothing salicin and protective tannins. Redness, irritation and sensitivity of the skin. 

The products are selected to blend together in a non-irritating way, to specifically treat your skin condition. Whether you are trying to decrease wrinkles, smooth the texture of your skin, decrease acne or acne scarring, lighten up brown spots or melasma, or just tighten and brighten your skin to a more youthful look, a Product infusion can make your skin look and feel great.

Ask your nurse to apply the #D mask after your microdermabrasion to saturate your skin with collagen boosters and plumbing peptides to make your skin look radiant. 




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