Boost Your Skin’s Natural Collagen

No-downtime skin treatment Stonington New London CT

Is this your skin issue?

  • Is your skin aging and needs a no downtime treatment to tighten, firm, and smooth?
  • Is your skin chronically irritated and inflamed and prone to acne or acne rosacea breakouts?

The Science: Omnilux Red Light skin rejuvenation

More than a skin care cream or an at home device, light emitting diode (LED) energy stimulates new tighter collagen fibers to grow in the skin and is anti-inflammatory. Thus skin becomes tighter, smoother, less irritated and inflamed, and less prone to acne or rosacea breakouts. Low dose LED light has compelling scientific evidence that it:

  • turns on skin cells to regenerate,
  • repairs dysfunctional cells damaged by environmental exposures (ultraviolet light, smoking...), stress, the aging process, and systemic diseases
  • reduces low grade chronic inflammation that can damage and prematurely age the skin

The Solution: Omnilux for Collagen Boosting and Treating Acne

Omnilux LED Omnilux Red™ LED treatments smooth the texture of the skin, soften fine lines,  calm the skin down, and decrease acne breakouts.

Omni red light treatments most frequently combine with one of the other rejuvenation or skin resurfacing procedures--to boost the results or calm the skin down. The treatment lasts 20 minutes, and consists of resting under a panel of LED lights that shine onto the treatment site. The light feels warm, and there is no discomfort and healing time.

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