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accent laser machineNo Downtime Skin and Body Anti-Aging Devices

Anti-aging and facial skin rejuvenation technology is continually advancing and changing. Coastal Dermatology therefore is always striving to offer its patients the best skin care options. The “newest” is not always “the best”-though sometimes new does provide better results.

Dr. Duke has devoted her career to the care and health of the skin--both medical issues and cosmetic concerns. Constantly reviewing the most recently published data and studies pertaining to dermatology, Dr. Duke offers improved therapeutic options for skin issues. Staying current, and selecting how to best advise and treat her patients, is a focus at Coastal Dermatology. The below listing of devices used by Dr. Duke reflects this philosophy and represent the diversity of options for facial and body rejuvenation procedures.

face and body rejuvenation laserFace and Body Rejuvenation Techonologies

The diversity of the types of devices reflects the advancement in the past decade of non-surgical treatment options for face and body cosmetic treatments. The guiding principles behind the functioning of these medical devices varies from: laser energy to radio-frequency heat to selective cooling principles to broad band light.

Each treatment is designed to accomplish a specific task--to provide a particular cosmetic treatment that will help achieve your unique goal.

Other Cosmetic Treatment Technologies

coolsculpting machine imageAlma Accent VShape Skin Tightening

Phototherapeutics Omni Blue and Red light LED

Zeltiq CoolSculpting Fat Reduction

Fractional CO2 or RF laser

Cutera IPL Light Treatment

Cutera CoolGlide Genesis & Vantage Laser

Cutera ND:Yag Hair Removal Laser

RevLite Brown Spot and Tattoo Removal

Revlite Facial Peel/Rejuvenation Laser

Diamond Tome Medical Microdermabrasion

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