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How Do Lasers Work

Hair Laser TechnologyLasers are now used for many medical treatments: eye surgery, heart problems, joint procedures-and much more. Lasers are built with a particular energy source inside the big black box! The wavelength created by the energy source selectively interacts with only very particular molecules in the tissue.

Equally as important is that this single wavelength or high powered laser beam does NOT interact with all the other molecules in the tissue at which it is aimed. That is why lasers are such an amazing discovery for medicine; laser light of the doctors’ choosing can be used to treat one tiny little target and not affect the surrounding tissue.

This feature makes the treatment more effective, with less downtime, and less healing time, and less of a chance of leaving injury to the surrounding tissue which could cause a scar or mark. For these reasons, lasers are the treatment of choice for certain cosmetic skin treatments.

Coolglide Laser Hair Removal     hair and skin laser treatments

The target in the skin for laser hair removal is: the very base of the hair follicle. The laser energy is actually targeted at the pigment, or melanin particle, in the hair follicle. Causing repeated targeted trauma to the base of the hair follicle is what induces permanent hair removal. The Cutera Coolglide Vantage Laser is used for:

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