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What is Medical Microdermabrasion

Historically, medical dermabrasion used a tiny spinning wheel with different strengths of almost sandpaper to smooth the skin. The procedure was done by a surgeon, under anesthesia, and required a fair amount of healing time. The main issue with this procedure is it is very aggressive and can cause scarring. 

Microdermabrasion is much safer and gentle, more relaxed, completely no downtime and safe, yet still effective for smoothing the texture of the skin. The concept of “sanding” the skin is still the same, but microdermabrasion devices have now been developed to remove micro layers (just cells actually, not even layers) of the skin at a time, rather than aggressively removing deeper layers of the skin. In this way, microdermabrasion smooths the skin texture, safely and gently, over a series of treatments.

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The Diamond Tome Medical Microdermabrasion device is used for:

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